Friday, September 26, 2008


Look for the new GANDGAS skate edit dropping tonight or tomorrow. good tricks, better tunes, and plenty of horns. check it. I'll keep you posted on the hotness.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


SO here it is. the first installment of the series of teasers for our RIPRIDER VIDEO that will never drop. Live it.

Monday, September 8, 2008


So the other day i posted a blog all about the Halo Kid. Turns out he just killed himself. Accident? Suicide? We may never know. Click HERE to see the report. RIP halo kid, RIP.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Halo Kid vs Star Wars Kid

So we all know the original Star Wars Kid, the youtube wonder child, but have you seen the Halo Kid yet? He's the bastard child of Canadian youths entertainment.....on crack. He's a refresher course in the Star Wars Kid for your entertainment.
Star Wars Kid

And heres the Halo Kid.... fucking epic.

Halo Kid

Which is better? we may never know

R.I.P. Van Wastell

As some of you may know, Van Wastell just passed away. He will be missed in the skate community for sure. I'm not sure on the details yet. But I'm sure we'll all know soon enough. R.I.P. Van. Say Hi to Elvis for us buddy. Forever missed.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

T.O.S.A. raided.

The Other Side Arts is a great art center run by great people. Denver Police raided TOSA and destroyed lots of artwork...

This is a press release sent out by The Other Side Arts:

Denver Arts Organization Targeted by Police

Denver Police targeted The Other Side Arts, a non profit art center as part of an effort to, "clean up the neighborhood" just before the Democratic National Convention. On Sunday afternoon, a number of police officers from Denver and Aurora Police Departments appeared outside of TOSA, some dressed in riot gear, and begin to investigate the property. They asked one of the residents if the cars parked along side our building belonged to them and began asking about the graffiti pieces on the building. The police were told by the resident that the cars belonged to TOSA artists and that the graffiti pieces were done by local artists with the permission of the organization. They were also told that the creation of one of the pieces was even commissioned by the organization and documented as a time-lapse video on our website.


TOSA has a long history with providing graffiti artists with space to create their pieces in a society where graffiti is under appreciated and misunderstood. After about an hour went by, the police proceeded to paint over all of the art pieces on the building. They entered the property and went through items in storage and destroyed TOSA signs in an effort to remove small "tags." They removed the organization's dumpster which also had some "tags" on the side of it and removed other private property belonging to another tenant of the property. One of the artists in the building was pressured by police to chain a gate which then blocked a fire exit and investigated the political art show "UnConventional" that was hanging in the gallery. The goal of the show was "to spark dialogue between diverse communities around our current political climate and how it affects the future of our country." Though the name of the exhibition is the same as a loosely organized protest group, there was absolutely no connection.

When the executive director, Crissy Robinette called officials to find out what happened, she was told that the organization was targeted by police because they had evidence that radical protesters were using the building. The City of Denver agency, Denver Partners Against Graffiti denies any record of the incident despite witnesses that saw their vehicles. On their website, the Denver Partners Against Graffiti have a policy that states: "The city must have a signed authorization form to remove graffiti from private property. By the time the "clean up" was finished, there were so many officers on the site that an RTD bus had to pick them up.

This is the second time the organization was targeted by police. In May of 2002 the Denver Police Department responded to a fundraiser organized and benefiting Breakdown Book collective, another non-profit organization, that rented space at TOSA. At around 11 p.m., just as a DJ was firing up the turntables for the hundred or so peaceable attendees, a police helicopter and eleven squad cars arrived, reportedly in response to a noise complaint. The attendees were told to disperse or the police dogs would be let loose on them.

Seriously sheckler?!?!?!

It's official, the Sheckster has officially out douched himself......... Check out this LINK to see Sheckler giving himself mad self props. Weak man. You know what the funniest part of it all it? Read the responses to the video, so many extra douchey crapheads responding about how this video will shut all the haters up. It's not like he revolutionized those tricks by any means. Homie was certainly not the first person to do those tricks. BREAK YERSELF!!!!! G.A.N.D.G.A.S.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


If you haven't see "chopped and screwed", the Shake Junt flick, then check it out. It's a WYLD time. click HERE to see it.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Check it kid! This was seen floating around....

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Utah mission day 2


silly Bryan, noseblunts are for kids
Cascada all dzzayyyy.
Power chug
back smiths with a little help from the friends
this speaks for itself

can you pick out where Brendan is?

K-grinds for days.

hella buff stuff

"man, this is so hard to open"
"i have to use all my muscles"
"High guys!"

Trippin' in Utah

Despite all the Utards, Utah is a hoot. Brendan and Bryan came out to spend some quality time with Lurch. We're only 3 days deep and it's already been a riot. Some skate seshs, weed seshs, beer seshs, frat parties, gawking at babes way out of our league. It's been fun. So above will be some photo ducumentation of our fun day by day. Enjoy. Because you know we have been.

So this is the ACTUAL G.A.N.D.G.A.S. blog

Since some random Mass-hole who wasn't even in GANDGAS to start with won't fork up the password to the other GANDGAS blog, we started the real one. With words and pictures and all. You're psyched huh? We are. Not only is there a good ass blog now..... BUT ITS ALSO SHARK WEEK!!!!! So we'll be locked up in our house for a few days in front of the TV..... chunk ya later dweebs.