Thursday, July 31, 2008


If you haven't see "chopped and screwed", the Shake Junt flick, then check it out. It's a WYLD time. click HERE to see it.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Check it kid! This was seen floating around....

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Utah mission day 2


silly Bryan, noseblunts are for kids
Cascada all dzzayyyy.
Power chug
back smiths with a little help from the friends
this speaks for itself

can you pick out where Brendan is?

K-grinds for days.

hella buff stuff

"man, this is so hard to open"
"i have to use all my muscles"
"High guys!"

Trippin' in Utah

Despite all the Utards, Utah is a hoot. Brendan and Bryan came out to spend some quality time with Lurch. We're only 3 days deep and it's already been a riot. Some skate seshs, weed seshs, beer seshs, frat parties, gawking at babes way out of our league. It's been fun. So above will be some photo ducumentation of our fun day by day. Enjoy. Because you know we have been.

So this is the ACTUAL G.A.N.D.G.A.S. blog

Since some random Mass-hole who wasn't even in GANDGAS to start with won't fork up the password to the other GANDGAS blog, we started the real one. With words and pictures and all. You're psyched huh? We are. Not only is there a good ass blog now..... BUT ITS ALSO SHARK WEEK!!!!! So we'll be locked up in our house for a few days in front of the TV..... chunk ya later dweebs.