Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just a couple more party quotes to be archived.....

"I mean look at her, shes so high. shes in the moon. she just needs to chill and have a beer" Ramblin Rob in refference to deadlung, in refference to the High Life chick

"Dude, I like to get really high and walk around Best Buy and look at all the sweet TVs." Ramblin Rob

"I dont need beer when i have a trampoline" Fern

"You can leave it at the mall though, You cant leave your tattoo at the mall" Big Ev commenting on how babies are way less permanent than tattoos

"Half an 8th of shake? that'd be pretty good to put in a P'zone" Brendan in regards to psychedelic drugs

"Oh dude, Im not trying to brag, But i know how to work it" Bryan Zink regarding his text convo with "No-pants Amanda"

"Id almost overdraft my account for one" Brendan in regards to Snickers Ice cream bars

"Dude, for sure, Ill skip school to go to Millie Burger" Ramblin Rob........ in regards to munchies

Oh god, were all doomed.........

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